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Uncased Evaporator Coils

An uncased evaporator coil is used for furnaces, air conditioning units or heat pumps which are positioned in either a horizontal position (lying on their side) or vertical (standing upright) position. As the name suggests, uncased evaporator coils are not covered by a case as are cased evaporator coils. The physical dimensions of the uncased coils are designed to fit correctly with your specific furnace for which they are made. Using the correct evaporator coil for your appliance is of the utmost importance for attaining maximum results from your heat pump, furnace or air conditioner. The proper operation of your evaporator coil is critical to the overall functionality of your heat pump or air conditioning unit.

In the air conditioning system of your home or building is a network of ducts and pipes which all work together to push the air through and circulate it evenly throughout your building. A cased evaporator coil is part of this process and is the component that is actually responsible for the pushing of the air throughout the building. One of the commonly used evaporator coils used in an air conditioning system or heat pump is the uncased evaporator coil. This is the evaporator coil which stands next to the air conditioning unit and controls the air in either an up flow or down flow. In general, the uncased evaporator coil takes on the heat from the home or building and allows the cool air to flow freely. In essence, the relatively cool uncased evaporator coil condenses water vapor from the air which has already been processed. This process is very closely related to the manner in which an icy drink forms water condensation outside of the glass or can. The evaporator coil then moves the water to a drain and removes the vapor from the cooled area, thus lowering the humidity in the air.

Upon inspection of the air conditioning unit, you will notice the evaporator coils are located directly next to the unit. It is crucial that you continually inspect, maintain and, when necessary, replace your evaporator coils. These coils can rust, wear down or age over time. Knowing the state of your evaporator coils will enable you to be pro-active with the maintenance and upkeep of them. It is possible to do basic maintenance on your evaporator unit and evaporator coils, but you must ensure that you read certified do-it-yourself manuals or magazines. In some situations, a contractual agreement will be entered into with the air conditioning company, by which routine maintenance of the evaporator coils will be regular observed. This is especially true when the air conditioning systems, specifically the vertical evaporator coils, are part of an industrial or commercial property.

As all the components of the air conditioning system work together, it is crucial that you change your air conditioning system’s filters on a regular basis to ensure that your evaporator coil is functioning to its maximum potential. By doing so, you will save money in the long-run and also guarantee an environment free of harmful toxins for you and your loved ones.