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Portable AC Unit provides easy maintenance and efficient cooling for smaller areas.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

A portable air conditioner is exactly what its name suggests: an air conditioning system which is fully portable. The portability is generally made possible by wheels which make the unit easy to transport. Portable air conditioners can be moved with almost no effort from room-to-room in your house or building. This is the ideal solution to all your air conditioning needs! If you are buying or renting an older home or apartment that was not originally fitted with central air conditioning, a portable air conditioner could make you more comfortable in the summertime and warmer in the winter.

A portable air conditioning unit supplies the same amount of air conditioning and heating as a central air system with the one major difference being the amount of area that is cooled or heated by a portable unit is significantly smaller than with a central air system. This is ideal if you live in a non-air conditioned home or apartment in a hot and/or tropical climate and have computer equipment or other electronics that need to be kept cool.

It would be easy to confuse the portable air conditioning unit to a “portable air cooler”. The difference is that the air conditioner uses Freon to cool the air while the air cooler uses outside air that has been processed to cool the inside air. Portable air conditioners are more useful to cooling rooms and at the same time dehumidifying the room.

Portable air conditioning units are also a good suggestion for those suffering from allergies, as the filters are very easy to change and replace. The filters are the most important component of the air conditioning system for allergy sufferers because they aid in the removal of allergens such as animal dander, dust, pollen or general bacteria in the air. A portable air conditioner could also be ideal for the elderly, as people of age tend to be uncomfortable in centrally air conditioned buildings. This would allow them the freedom to manage the temperature of their own space.

A portable air conditioning unit could also be the answer to your oddly-shaped or highly placed windows. Traditional window-unit air conditioners may not fit into your custom-made window or may be difficult, if not impossible, to install if you live in a high-rise apartment building. The solution is simple with portable air conditioners! It is easily set up in any room and gives the same feeling as central air but without the hassle of difficult or complicated installation.