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The air conditioning system of in your home has a complex system of pipes and ductwork which carry the conditioned air throughout your building. A cased evaporator coil is part of this procedure. It is the element that is actually in charge of forcing the air throughout the building. It is a horizontally-positioned (usually in its side) cased evaporator coil which is used for heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces. As implied in the name, cased evaporator coils are normally covered by a metal case. They are specifically made for individual makes and models of furnaces that they are used with. It is imperative that you use the correct cased evaporator coil for your appliance in order to achieve maximum results of your system.

When you examine your air conditioning unit, you will see that the evaporator coils are directly adjacent to the unit. It is vital that your cased evaporator coils undergo regular and proper maintenance and, if necessary, to replaced them. It is likely that your cased evaporator coils will rust or wear down over time. Knowing the state that they are in will help you be able to keep them in excellent condition. While it is usually recommended that you have your cased evaporator coils serviced and/or replaced by a professional, it is possible to do it yourself. Should you decide to do it yourself, it is important that you read certified do-it-yourself manuals, instructions or magazines. In some situations, especially if you are running an industrial air conditioning unit, a contract will be agreed upon with your air conditioning company. This will ensure regular maintenance and proper care of your cased evaporator coils will be practiced.

The cased evaporator coils is one of the most frequently used coils in an air conditioning system. These coils control either the up-flow or down-flow of the air. Generally, the cased evaporator coils soak up any heat from the building, thus allowing free flow of the cooler air. The cased evaporator coil remains relatively cool as it reduces the already-processed water vapor. This process parallels the way a cool, icy drink develops water condensation on the outside of its can or glass. The case evaporator coils then shifts the water into the drain and removes the water vapor from the area which has been cooled, which in turn lowers the temperature.

It is of the utmost importance that you regularly and properly maintain your entire air conditioning system. The same is true of your cased evaporator coil. You must change the coils as necessary or as advised to ensure that they are functioning to their fullest potential.