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Air Conditioning Ducts

The ductwork of your air conditioning system, the Air Ducts, are generally sheets of metal (sheet metal) or metal tubing that carries hot and cool air right through every room of your home or building. The ducts are connected throughout the house so as to distribute the air evenly. Because the ductwork is the main form of transferring the cleaned and conditioned air throughout the entire house, it is vital that the ducts are kept entirely clean.

Overlooking the importance of having clean air ducts is one of the most common mistakes people make. However, it is logical that dust would collect over time inside your ducts the same as it would collect on a table or other open surfaces. Mold can also start growing inside your air ducts, causing even more harmful consequences. If you have noticed that you have, or perhaps a loved one or someone working inside the building has been suffering from inexplicable or ongoing sickness or allergy-type symptoms, it could very well be worth your time and effort to have your air ducts examined and cleaned. It would also be advisable to have the air ducts cleaned regularly.

It is usually possible and accessible for you to clean the air ducts yourself. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a commercial air conditioning system, it is suggested that you hire a professional air duct cleaning service. These types of service companies would have the necessary equipment to clean large-scale commercial air conditioning system’s air ducts.

Following are some general guidelines to determine if your air ducts need cleaned:

  • If you can see mold growing or if there is a history of mold growth in your home.
  • There is a rodent or insect infestation in your air conditioning system.
  • You may notice that your air conditioner is not working as well as it has in the past – this is a good indication that the ducts might be clogged or dirty.

It may be valuable to have your ductwork inspected by a professional, particularly if you are aware that your ductwork and/or air conditioning system is an older system as it may out of date. In that case, a simple act of updating your ductwork would enhance the level of functionality of your air conditioning system as well as providing a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. There is also available to you loads of information about how to cut out pieces of your ductwork that might be damaged and replace it without having to replace the entire system of ducts.

Whatever system you are using in your home or office, the cleanliness of the air ducts greatly depends upon how well they are maintained and looked after. Routine check-ups could dramatically save you money in the long run. In addition, having your air ducts properly checked and maintained with provide you a safer and cleaner environment.